Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review - Siberian Pink Honey Rozovyi Myod Tomato

This is a FABULOUS tomato.  I tried these seeds from Ohio Heirloom Seeds. The name is a long one - Siberian Pink Honey - Rozovyi Myod.   And it has a long season to match its long name.  At this writing on October 20, I have four ripe tomatoes ready to picked on my one plant.  I started picking them in early July.  Granted, it was an extremely warm sunny spring here in Western Oregon. It's also true though that this plant got placed in a partly shady location in my garden.

Because of the shade perhaps, I didn't get many fruits that were the advertised two pounds.  But mine were good sized, enough for a slice to fill a hamburger bun.  This plant supplied me with tomatoes for the entire tomato season, and it's still giving me numerous fruit.  I will have several green ones to bring in the garage to ripen over the next several weeks.


The taste of these tomatoes is wonderful.  They are sweet and full of flavor. Every bite is a burst of pleasure.  

I really enjoyed having these home grown treasures, and will definitely grow this tomato again. The seeds can be found at Ohio Heirloom Seeds.  

You can see from the above photo that this tomato does produce a few seeds, so it's possible to save your own to grow the following year.  


  1. How was the disease resistance? Any blossom end rot or skin cracking? And how was the foliage? And it must be indeterminate, right? How big did it get? I think this would be fun to try next year. Thanks for the great review.

  2. No diseases (unusual for an heirloom). No skin cracking, even now with the cooler weather. And it's indeterminate and normal sized.

  3. Hi Laura,
    I just ordered these on your recommendation.
    Thanks for your expertise!!