Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review of Spigariello Neopolitan "Friarielli" Brocoletti

This year I grew a leaf broccoli in my garden, or I should say I’m growing it – present tense.  It’s still producing wonderfully flavored leaves as it has been for six months now!  The variety is called Spigariello Neopolitan "Friarielli" Brocoletti.  It is a smooth leaved Italian leaf broccoli that has sweet broccoli flavor.  I found the seeds at Seeds of Italy.  Their website describes it as “One of the most renowned vegetables in Italy”, “fast growing, great flavor” and “Cool season brassica with a very long sowing window.” 

In my garden, it started producing edible leaves in June, and as I’m writing this in mid-November, it is still producing tasty beautiful leaves.  
I have used the leaves mostly as a salad green.  It has a much longer usability window than lettuce which I’ve sown twice (spring and fall) in the time this one crop has been growing.

Here are some photos of a salad I made today.  

I added a chopped up home grown tomato.  I still have these ripening in the garage.

And I added cooked quinoa, cook pinto beans, chopped walnuts, salt and olive oil.

I mix it all up and it makes a really tasty and very healthy meal.  I love the flavor of these leaf broccoli leaves when made into a salad.

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