Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Seed Shipping Charges

Seed Shipping Charges
If you only need a few packets of seeds, and you’re not wedded to any particular variety, you may be able to buy from any company. You may want to choose to buy from a company that keeps their shipping (and/or handling) charges low.
The winner this year is High Mowing Seeds with FREE shipping. I love that High Mowing offers all organic seeds. There no minimum order for the free shipping, although it is just for orders shipped to the continental US and Canada. High Mowing Seeds offers a few of my favorite varieties, including Pruden’s Purple heirloom tomatoes, Chioggia beets, and Winter Density and Nevada lettuce.
(My favorite varieties can be found here:…/myfavoritevarieties/ )
Bountiful Gardens has the next least expensive charge at $2.50 for up to a $10.00 order. Bountiful offers heirloom untreated, open-pollinated seeds from their Ecology Action operation in California. Bountiful has signed the safe seed pledge meaning they do not knowingly sell GMO seeds. Bountiful offers a great number of outstanding varieties, including some of my recommended varieties:Winter Density lettuce, Chioggia beets, Jimmy Nardello peppers, Sugar Snap peas, and Glacier and Pruden’s Purple Tomatoes They also have the Cocozelle zuchinni which I intend to try. It is one that is rated very good tasting.
The next runner up is Pinetree Seeds out of Maine with a charge of $2.95 for an order up to $9.99. I love looking at the Pinetree catelog for the wide variety of seeds and accessories. They have several of my recommended varieties including the Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes, Diva cucumbers, Mokum carrots and Cheddar cauliflower.
The next few are John Scheepers at $3.25 for an order up to $4.99, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at $3.50 for any order, and Johnnys Selected Seeds at $4.00 for orders up to $10.00.
I hope this helps you stay within your garden seed budget.

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