Thursday, February 3, 2011

Silver Reflective Mulch

Today I will be cutting more silver mulch.  It is becoming quite popular.  I bought a huge roll (4000 ft?) several years ago, and have slowly been cutting it and selling the pieces ever since.  I have at least half of the roll left. 

From my website:
Silver mulch reflects sunlight onto the undersides of plants thereby increasing photosynthesis leading to more rapid growth.  Also, insects are confused by the amount of sunlight being reflected up, so they are less likely to land on your plants.  This mulch also offers weed and temperature control.  The shiny side up prevents snails from crawling on it.

There is an article in Mother Earth News this month that promotes the mulch as a technique for helping to grow vegetables in a shaded area.  The mulch adds more light. 

And the gentleman that builds these "earthtainers" for growing tomatoes has purchased the mulch from me.  In fact he asked me to provide a smaller, 25 foot section in addition to the 50 foot lengths I was selling.  So they are on ebay too now.


  1. Sounds interesting and promising. Anything that can deter bugs would be worth its weight in gold. :)

  2. Great mulch for the Desert Southwest. Huge veggies in the Las Vegas, Nv. valley.