Monday, January 31, 2011

What I'll grow in 2011

This year we'll take a break. 

The past several have been spent growing huge quantities of food for the farmers markets and our store.  And last year we were still in hyper growing mode, although we cut back some.

This year, my concentration is going to be on what I can handle and keep up with.

Part of my motivation for gardening is the view.  And nothing pleases me more than a beautiful garden.  So I will scale back, keep up, and enjoy the view.

I will grow only these annual edibles:

Basilgreen standardGenovese
Bean - poleRamono greenSmeraldo
Broccoli whatever I have, packman?
Cabbage a little of what I have
Carrot Mokem
Cucumber Diva
Cucumber pickle
Cucumber dragons egg
Kale various
Lettuce romaine
Canteloupe halona
Pea - snap Sugar snap
PepperhotGiant Jalapeno
Radish various
Spinach Emu and fast one
Squash - summer 3 kinds
Tomato - cherrycherrySun Sugar
Tomato black plum or whichever was good
Tomato Prudens Purple
Tomato cour di bue
Tomato glacier
Turnip Hakurei

And we will have berries and asparagus since they are perennials.

It's going to be a good year.

For descriptions on some of the varieties, click here.

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  1. I thought you said you were scaling back! This is still an amazing array of yummies. I'm impressed. I'll probably grow 'Sun Sugar.' Now if spring would just hurry up.