Friday, February 25, 2011

Labeling Tips

Sharpies are widely available.  The ones you find most often say "Sharpie Permanent Marker".  At one time I used these extensively to write on various plant labels.  And they would usually wash off after a season of being exposed to rain and sprinkler watering.

Then I discovered these:

These that say "Sharpie Industrial Super Permanant Ink" work much better.  The writing stays on the labels and at the end of the season I can still see what I've written.  I live near a small town and wasn't able to find them locally.  I had to order them from Officemax or Office Depot. 

For marking plants that I've started in the house, I use plastic labels.  Many people talk about using used window blinds for plant labels.  The plastic can be cut to a label size.  This is an excellent idea for recycling. 

Out in the garden, I find that small labels get lost, so I use these 12 inch wood labels.  I couldn't find these in a small quanity, so had to buy a box of 250 from Gemplers.  I have placed smaller quanities of these labels on Ebay, but I love the labels so much, that it would not bother me if the ones I have left don't sell.  They will eventually get used. 

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  1. Let me know when you need more of these Sharpies. I can buy them and send them to you. :)