Monday, April 18, 2011

For OUTSTANDING Flavor, Plant these now

If you want to kick your vegetable gardening pleasure up a notch, plant for flavor. 

Here are some flavor winners I will be planting this week.

Mokem carrots - oh so sweet.  Plant enough to munch in the garden, for meals, and later for long term winter storage.

Chioggia beets - these beets have a mild delicious flavor.  I like the regular all-red kind, but these are so much more scrumptious.  They are a must-have. 

Hakurei turnips - There would be no point to me planting regular turnips.  But these are oh so absolutely delicious. 

Sugar Snap Peas - We grew two varieties side-by-side last year, and this variety really was much better tasting than the other one.  The flavor was very sweet.  Between the mokum carrots and these peas, I could successfully sate any hunger pangs right in the garden.

These are four of my favorite varieties, and the ones that I will be planting in my zone 5 garden this week.

To see all my favorite varieties at my website, click here.  This page has further descriptions of the above varieties, and links to see the seeds at Johnny's Seeds' website.


  1. I bought Mokum carrot seed per your recommendation. I'm going to sow it tomorrow.

  2. I am trying Chioggia this year too. Hope they do well in my zone 5 Mid-west garden.
    I also planted all sorts of mints in my window boxes yesterday.
    Happy growing,