Friday, March 18, 2011

Planting, at last

Finally, I've had my hands in the dirt.  Not my outdoor dirt yet, but I have done some seed starting.

Since peppers can take up to three months to get to a good transplant size, I planted those.  I also planted all my pineapple tomatillos.  These will spend the next few months in the house, under the grow lights.

And I planted basil.  I only grow basil inside under growlights.  Basil is so sensitve to frost and our summers so short that it works well for me to just have it inside.

I also started the annual herb summer savory.  This herb tastes great sprinkled over fried potatoes.    Summer savory is also frost sensitive.  Unlike many other herbs, both basil and summer savory are easy to germinate.  I find that many other herbs are stubborn. 

I also planted several varieities of flowers; mostly frost tolerant annuals like snapdragons and stock.  There are some beautiful varieties of these flowers; better than run-of-the-mill.

I plant seeds in this potting soil. Note that it is OMRI listed (see yellow on label) meaning it's approved for organic growing.

I mix a little organic fertilizer into my potting soil.

Here are my peppers potted up and in their home under the grow lights.

Now, since I will be traveling for the first half of spring break, my challenge is to get my husband to keep the seeds wet without drenching them.

Have a great spring break!

Vegetable varieties I like to grow are here on my website.


  1. I have faith in Kevin's watering methods. How many tomatillo plants will you grow? Do your boys like them too?

  2. I just found some Territorial 'Mokum' carrot seed. I plan on sowing a few in a container in a few days. This on your recommendation.